github jbruchon/jdupes v1.1

It contains a bug where the -r switch is ALWAYS ON.
This is fixed in v1.1.1, go get that one instead.

This release primarily improves support for Windows and adds under-the-hood improvements. The most notable improvement is support for hard linking that works around the 1023-link limitation imposed by Windows by making multiple hard link sets on demand instead of failing to link any further. Debug stats were added to show how many 1023-link files were skipped while hard linking for confirmation that the code is working correctly.

The Windows "inode number" code was replaced completely with a much simpler and faster piece of code that uses the native Windows 64-bit "file ID" directly instead of creating a 16-bit hash that fits in a MinGW ino_t variable. The original code could have resulted in hash collisions (and therefore incorrectly identify files as hard linked that aren't actually hard linked.)

Documentation now explains the meaning of the hard link operation arrows. The default sort order was changed from modification time to file name. Modification time sorting seems far less useful and the behavior of a default alphanumeric sort is more in line with what an average user would expect. Progress update delay was decreased to improve progress updates when checking sets of very large files.

latest releases: v1.20.1, v1.20.0, v1.19.2...
5 years ago