github jbruchon/jdupes v1.0.2

WARNING: A bug in commit f51a16314be9ab6d654330055fade57ec4998bea causes this release to miss some duplicates. Use v1.2.1 or newer instead!

This release updates jody_hash and adds debugging stats for the string_malloc code, as well as under-the-hood changes for future enhancements of string_malloc. A few additional test files were added to make testing the new -x +SIZE feature easier.

The -x/--xsize option has been enhanced. Now you can say e.g. '-x +120M' to exclude sizes larger than the specified size. Without the '+' prefix, -x will behave as it did before.

latest releases: v1.20.0, v1.19.2, v1.19.1...
5 years ago