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nnn v3.3

  • [x] subdir mounts for remote and archive mounts
  • [x] remove mount point on successful unmount of remote/archive
  • [x] show error and prompt user if cp/mv/rm operation fails
  • [x] support absolute/relative paths in cp/mv as
  • [x] mark current path automatically on archive/remote mount
  • [x] mark current path automatically on target file visit in find and list mode
  • [x] option -C to place HW cursor on hovered for screen readers and braille displays
  • [x] option -u to use selection (if available) and skip current/sel prompt
  • [x] key Alt+Esc to clear filter prompt and redraw
  • [x] support Esc to cancel remove operation
  • [x] gpge & gpgd: encrypt and decrypt with GPG
  • [x] blknew: create new files and directories in bulk
  • [x] preview-tui:
    • unified to support tmux/kitty/xterm/$TERMINAL
    • auto-determine split orientation based on terminal height and width
    • provision to use and pistol
    • various other improvements
  • [x] upload: send to Firefox Send if ffsend is found
  • [x] hexview: add hx as alternative hex viewer
  • [x] nuke and imgview: add imv as alternative image viewer
  • [x] add find (with fd) and grep (with rg) examples in plugins doc
  • [x] key Esc or left click to resend hovered file path to NNN_FIFO
  • [x] show + instead of s in status bar on selection
  • [x] F5 removed (misfit for toggle hidden), ^S removed (often masked, redundant)
  • [x] handle abnormal program termination and remove NNN_PIPE and/or NNN_FIFO
  • [x] clear selection after successful batch rename, link creation
  • [x] make option O_CTX8 for 8 contexts (NOT backward compatible with 4 contexts)
  • [x] fix issue with child window resize (see #656)
  • [x] fix issue with NNNLVL on macOS (see #639)
  • [x] fix issue with restoring session with du/au enabled

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latest releases: v3.5, v3.4
6 months ago