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nnn v3.0

What's in?

  • static 64-bit binary to run nnn without installing
  • take list of files as input and show
  • option -e replaces NNN_USE_EDITOR
  • option -t replaces NNN_IDLE_TIMEOUT
  • config NNN_SSHFS_OPTS is now NNN_SSHFS
  • config NNN_RCLONE_OPTS is now NNN_RCLONE
  • PCRE support
  • more readline bindings for native prompts
  • run GUI app as plugin
  • attempt lazy unmount when regular unmount fails
  • fix unmount on macOS: use umount
  • detect sshfs and rclone to prompt intelligently
  • auto-proceed on file open (toggle key +)
  • quit with error code on Q
  • additional key F5 to toggle hidden
  • key e to edit in EDITOR (back on multiple user requests)
  • option to edit list of files in selection is changed to E
  • do not end selection on redraw
  • nuke: glow as Markdown viewer
  • nuke: refactor, handle some common video types by extension
  • file name removed from status bar
  • static Makefile target
  • generate, upload static package on release
  • fix crash on entering empty dir, then Down
  • fix keypresses lost when showing message
  • fix #227: nnn creates xdg-open zombies
latest releases: v3.5, v3.4, v3.3...
9 months ago