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nnn v2.6

What's new?

  • new plugins
    • view image or browse a directory of images in terminal
    • show image thumbnails
    • PDF and text file reader
    • calculate and verify checksum of selection or file
    • append (and play) selection/dir/file music in MOC
    • variable bitrate mp3 ringtone generator
    • split current file or join selection
  • better experience on Termux (and touch based devices)
    • mouse scrolling support (with ncursesw6.0 and above)
    • tap/left click to visit parent, toggle nav-as-you-type mode
  • light mode set as default
  • show status bar and use reverse video in light mode
  • changed program options
    • -d: detail mode
    • -H: show hidden files
    • -l is retired
  • support XDG_CONFIG_HOME
  • support / as an additional Leader key when filter is on
  • sort by file extension
  • use zip/unzip/tar if atool/bsdtar not found
  • support duplicate file (key ^R, same as rename file)
  • new config option NNN_SSHFS_OPTS to specify sshfs options
  • restrict opening 0 byte files (NNN_RESTRICT_0B is obsolete)
  • critical defects fixed
    • fix #276 - crash with variable length inotify event handling
    • fix #285 - hang after deleting/moving current directory
    • fix #274 - a broken prompt on empty input with libreadline
    • fix #304 - list selection from another instance
  • cmatrix as locker fallback
  • wait for user input after running a command from prompt
  • scrolloff set to 3 from 5

Note for package maintainers: Makefile target strip has to be explicit now.

latest releases: v3.5, v3.4, v3.3...
17 months ago