github jarun/nnn v2.3
nnn v2.3

What's in?

  • user-contributed scripts repository
  • substring search for filters (option -s)
  • version sort (option -n)
  • key N (1 <= N <= 4) to switch to context N
  • disk usage calculation abort with ^C
  • create sym/hard link(s) to files in selection
  • archiving of selection
  • show dir symlinks along with dirs on top
  • use nnn as a file picker with
  • fixed CJK character handling at prompts
  • bring back NNN_OPENER to specify file opener
  • env var NNN_NOTE and keybind ^N for quick notes
  • handle multiple arguments in VISUAL/EDITOR
  • show the current directory being scanned in du mode
  • select all files with Y
  • remap key to show command prompt to ^P
  • key , replaces ` as alternative Leader Key
  • keybind for visit pinned directory is now ^B
  • additional key ^V to run or select custom script
  • use libreadline for command prompt
  • reduce delay on Esc press
  • config option to avoid unexpected behaviour on 0-byte file open (see #187)
  • keys removed - $, ^, Backspace, ^H, ^P, ^M, ^W, `
latest releases: v4.0, v3.7, v3.6...
2 years ago