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Patch Changes

  • 22e236e #3784 Thanks @probablyup! - Improve performance of the FieldArray component by adding a shouldComponentUpdate check; this should help avoid unnecessary re-renders which may affect the performance of a form.

  • bc9cb28 #3785 Thanks @probablyup! - Fixed field error state for array fields that have an error and become empty through an API like arrayHelpers.remove.

    The prior behavior resolved the field error to [undefined], now it is simply undefined.

  • 9cbf150 #3787 Thanks @probablyup! - Fix infinite loop issue in Field when field helpers (setTouched, etc) are used as an argument in React.useEffect.

  • 9c75a9f #3780 Thanks @probablyup! - Fixed an issue with array field errors being incorrectly split into an array of individual characters instead of an array of error strings.

  • 35fa4cc #3783 Thanks @probablyup! - Fix validation of field references when using the validateField API.

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