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Jakarta Persistence 3.2.0-M02

latest release: 3.2-3.2.0-RELEASE
pre-release29 days ago

What's Changed

  • Adds secondPrecision to @column annotation and clarified semantics of @column members
  • Adds factory-level access to named queries and named entity graphs
  • Adds integration points for dependency injection
  • Adds EntityTransaction.setTimeout
  • Clarifies semantics of JPQL numeric type promotions
  • Clarifies the semantics of collection-valued query parameters
  • Deprecates use of Byte[] and Character[] arrays types for basic attributes, in favor of primitive array types

New Contributors

Full Changelog: 3.2-M1-3.2.0-M1-RELEASE...3.2.0-DRAFT02-3.2.0-M2-RELEASE

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