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Week 2: Toward Playlists

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3 years ago

Sorry for the late update! Not as much to announce this week, but still a couple things of note:
I'm happy to announce that a playlists page and API endpoint has been added so you can now view playlists. Currently, you cannot watch playlists through the player, but I hope to add that in the coming week as well as adding functionality to add and modify playlists. There is a good conversation on #114 about giving playlists even more functionality, which I think is interesting and would appreciate feedback on.

As an update to the Invidious API announcement last week, I've been working with @PrestonN, the developer of FreeTube, to help migrate his project to the Invidious API. Because of it's increasing popularity, he has had trouble keeping under the quota set by YouTube's API. I hope to improve the API to meet his and others needs and I'd recommend folks to keep an eye on his excellent project! There is a good discussion with his thoughts here.

A couple of miscellaneous features and bugfixes:

  • You can now login to Invidious simultaneously from multiple devices - #109

  • Added a note for scheduled livestreams - #124

  • Changed YouTube comment header to "View x comments" - #120

Enjoy your week everyone!

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