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6 years ago

UX: error messages

Previously, when a game could not be launched, the message displayed was somewhat cryptic. Those messages are now friendlier:


Linux: 32 / 64-bit

Previously, if there were multiple downloads available for Linux, the app showed them all. Even if some of them were incompatible.

Now, if there are both 32-bit and 64-bit available, the app will filter out 32-bit builds on 64-bit platforms and vice versa.

When universal Linux builds are available, the app used to launch whichever executable came first in the folder - since folder ordering is (seemingly) random, this meant launching the "wrong" executable sometimes (often resulting in the game not working on 64-bit linux because of missing 32-bit libraries, or spawn UNKNOWN for 64-bit games on 32-bit linux).

Now, the app will automatically filter out 32-bit binaries on 64-bit linux, and vice versa. Additionally, if libraries are missing (no matter the architecture), they're now listed in the message box:

missinglibs 1

...allowing tech-savvy users to hunt down the missing package and install it to get the game running.

Automatic library detection & installation for Linux games is planned (and initial progress has been made in this direction), but not included in this release.

Web engine update

itch now runs on and ships with Chrome 56.

Various fixes

Linux: When registering the itchio:// protocol, the wrong .desktop name was used. The correct one is now set.

Linux: The .desktop file had some validation errors, @darealshinji fixed them.

Linux: trying to configure a game with a fifo in the folder would get stuck forever. fifos are now ignored when looking for executables.

Windows: Notifications on Windows included a weird string, now it's gone. Notifications are simpler & prettier!

macOS: Context menus (that pop up when right-clicking) no longer block rendering of the app.

All platforms: The "Close tab" button was shown over the user menu. It no longer is.

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