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7 years ago
  • A new UI is shown when installing prerequisites on Windows


  • Additionally, VC++ 2015 is now available to developers as a prerequisite, both in x86 and x64 flavor (#1102). More will follow, now that most of the ground work for adding redists has been done.
  • Users can now clear the browser cache and cookies (in Preferences->Advanced)


  • Upgrading games is now more reliable. Previously, if your local install was corrupted, patching would fail and fall back to redownloading the whole game. Now, it seamlessly redownloads only what's necessary, and continues the regular patching process.
  • The downloader now takes into account a larger set of temporary network errors and should be more resilient (#1098)
  • Bugfix: When exiting fullscreen in web games, the app menu used to re-appear in the game's window. This is no longer the case
  • Bugfix: The temporary folder passed to games is created on launch if not available (and is wiped after the game exits). Fixes all TyranoBuilder games, among others (#1092)
  • Bugfix: When a developer pulls a build, the app will now revert to the older build instead of getting locked into an update loop (#1099)

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