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7 years ago

Automatic web login and two-factor authentication support

The app will now prompt you to enter a code from your authenticator, if one is set up. This allows it to automatically sign you into the website, so you can easily review games, post on forums & comment sections and more.

Verify integrity

We've added a "verify integrity" option to the context menu of games that were uploaded with the command line tools. This allows you to check if your game files have been damaged or modified, and repair them if so, while being a lot faster than a full reinstall.

screenshot from 2016-12-15 13 16 31

Revert to previous build (experimental)

With this feature, you can download older versions of games, as long as they were uploaded using our command line tools. To use it, just right click a game and look for "Revert to version..." in the Advanced submenu.

screenshot from 2016-12-15 13 19 47

Minor improvements

  • Fixed some minor UI bugs
  • Tray icon is now monochrome on Linux and Windows 10

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