github itchio/itch v20.0.0

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7 years ago

New features

  • New setting (opt-in): let itch notify you when a game has been installed or updated
  • New setting (opt-in): have itch start when your computer starts
  • New setting (opt-in): have itch start in tray / dock
  • Java: display helpful modal when JRE is missing, with button that opens download page
  • Default install locations are displayed more clearly


  • When checking for dependencies (like butler), ignore existing butler installs. This lets developers have a separate version of butler that doesn't impact the app at all
  • Fix automatic language detection (itch now shows up in your system's language if you don't explicitly pick one)
  • Allow launching any HTML games, even if their type is set to Book, Physical Game, etc.
  • For external uploads, don't show "0 bytes", which is scary
  • Relay (truncated) butler error messages instead of just showing the exit code
  • Java games: set current directory properly, fixes several "file not found" errors when launching certain games

Windows changes

  • Let multiple games run in the sandbox at the same time
  • Let sandbox support games with a launcher that exits early (fixes Ren'Py games)
  • Make 'Force close' work well even with sandbox
  • Have sandbox relay standard output and error to logs instead of swallowing it
  • Let Java games run in sandbox

macOS changes

  • Let Java games run in sandbox (previous policy file blocked access to java runtimes)

Linux changes

  • Unbreak the ArchLinux PKGBUILD - dreadfully sorry about that, was caused by v19.0.0 being in the middle of the port to typescript
  • Add package for Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak
  • Rename desktop file from itch.desktop to io.itch.itch.desktop to follow recent FreeDesktop specs

Internal changes

  • v20.0.0 is the first version of the app fully written in TypeScript - this lets us achieve better code quality and hopefully ship fewer bugs and more features
  • This version ships with electron v1.4.7, which ships with Chrome 53.0.2785.143
  • All docs have been properly updated to reflect the structure of the new codebase
  • Switch to codecov for coverage reports
  • Drop codepath that supported legacy itch DB format import (already deprecated many versions ago)

While preparing v20.0.0, our GitHub repo crossed the 1000 issues threshold! About 140 of which are still open (mostly feature requests)

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