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7 years ago

itch v18.1.0 is a bugfix release.

Unreliable login / blank session

The itch app is made up of two parts, which keep an internal state synchronized. Since v18, some delays had been removed, but as a result, one part of the app could progress faster than the other one, resulting in desynchronized state. This has been fixed (auto-login of the most recent remembered session is now only triggered when the graphical side of the app has been fully initialized).

nw.js executables on Linux

nw.js exports have many different executables, and our heuristics (poker.js) picked the wrong ones. Any files with nacl_helper are now given a lower score, when looking for the right executable to launch.

Security enhancements

As of v18.1.0, on Windows and macOS, the main window is created with attributes that should prevent screen grabbing by other applications. This helps protects against malicious (external) apps trying to steal sensitive information displayed on screen.

Maximized state & close behavior

On all platforms except macOS, when closing & reopening the window, the right size and position were restored, but not the 'maximized' state, which resulted in the window being annoyingly placed 10px too low on Windows 10. This is now fixed.

Also, on macOS, one expects a program's window to hide immediately when hitting the 'close' (red x) button. Previous versions violated that assumption by first minimizing the window for 10 seconds, then destroying it. v18.1.0 still has that 10s grace delay to allow quick "woops didn't mean to close that" action without rebuilding the whole UI, but no longer minimizes the windows first. The one-time "the app is now in the background" notification is hopefully enough to warn users about that behavior. See also #666 for a known missing setting.

Log files

Previous versions used to create two log files per session, one of them being almost empty except for a boot-up message. This is no longer the case. Known issue: the app still doesn't have log rotation logic.


Finished download rows would 1) navigate to game page 2) clear row from downloads, no matter where you clicked (even if you clicked on the 'retry' button, or on the 'clear but do not navigate' button). This is no longer the case.


Collections with fewer than 4 elements displayed with an incorrect aspect ratio. They now display 4 elements always, no matter how many games the collection contains.


This version introduces (sigh) an additional, collapsable section in preferences, cowardly named "Advanced", which displays the current app version along with a link to open the current app log.

Update dialog

Changelogs shown in the update dialog could have images wider than the message body. This is no longer the case.

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