github itchio/itch v17.6.0

latest releases: v26.1.5-canary, v26.1.3-canary, v26.1.2-canary...
pre-release7 years ago

Main change:

  • Fix incremental upgrades for non-admins/non-devs. Closes #651

This prevented incremental updates from being downloaded for owners of a game. Should resolve all "must buy to download" messages.


  • The AUR package is now kept up-to-date automatically
  • The debian packaging has been redone completely, thanks @darealshinji for the effort!
  • The app now uses electron v1.0.1. Congrats on the release electron team!

Bug fixes:

  • Shield against invalid dates. Closes #632
  • Attempt to handle Squirrel handlers faster, cf. #635
  • 🐛 Fix 'report issue' menu item. Closes #643


  • All release tags on Git from now on will be signed with @fasterthanlime's PGP key
  • A portable Linux version of the app is now being generated & added to each github release

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