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pre-release7 years ago
  • ⬆️ 17.1.0
  • The itch app now saves .txt logs to disk
    • %APPDATA%/itch/logs on Windows
    • ~/Library/Application Support/itch/logs on Mac OS/X
    • $XDG_CONFIG_PATH/itch/logs on Linux
  • Made game updates are more reliable:
    • Displays update reason in log
    • Force update when game was installed before app supported butler (cf. #604)
    • Add 'check for update' button directly in dropdown menu, beneath current version, cf. #604
    • Add 'Version' entry in dropdown menu, clicking it copies to clipboard
  • Don't show empty dropdown. Closes #601. Closes #599
  • Make empty Downloads tab state not so empty (#603)
  • Make external uploads work again (e.g. Trench Run #600, Tiled #605)

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