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pre-release8 years ago

Noteworthy changes

Show platform icons in game list thanks to @Mrmaxmeier:

screen shot 2015-12-15 at 19 55 31

For the next windows update, Click and restart will actually work. For this one, you'll still have to quit manually

Introduce diego, our little diagnostics buddy, to let install logs be more helpful to game devs — read his docs here.

Improve README to help others hack on the app as well! — read it here


  • ⬆️ v0.9.4
  • Merge @Mrmaxmeier's changes, with a twist! (platform icons in game grid)
  • Make error text user selectable. Closes #121
  • Remove nuts workaround. Closes #82
  • Actually closes #109 (proper before-quit handling)
  • add platform icons to GameCell
  • let diego find cpu info on linux
  • fix diego link
  • diego linux output
  • diego OSX output
  • better diego doc link
  • diego example outputs
  • document diego
  • hi diego! closes #126
  • Rely on babel plugin for strict mode insertion. Closes #126
  • Add transform-strict-mode, cf. #125
  • introduce URL store for #116, take a stab at #109
  • Closes #112
  • 🔥
  • 📝 Add contribution guidelines + CoC adapted from atom/electron
  • README adjustments
  • Improve installation steps
  • Add basic .editorconfig file

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