github itchio/itch v0.14.0

latest releases: v26.1.5-canary, v26.1.3-canary, v26.1.2-canary...
pre-release7 years ago

Everything about this release is better, except:

  • You can't edit install locations right now (but the app will respect your previous settings)
  • Game logs are gone for a little bit
  • The app will only upgrade via full-downloads, not patches, at the moment.

But apart from that:

  • Search! 🎉
  • Web games! 🐺
  • In-app browser! 🍰
  • Multi-seat support! 👯
  • Colors! 💯

The app is still in beta — all your games should transfer, but if they don't, just reinstall them! It's all part of the marvelous cycle of software. Thanks for being a part of it. You're the best. Yes, you!


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