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pre-release8 years ago

Noteworthy changes

This is a small patch release:

  • 📦 Nested installers (e.g. zipping an InstallShield installer) were broken by v0.13.0 and should now work again
  • 📦 Particularly stubborn folders should now meet a particularly stubborn file remover (butler's "wipe" command)
  • 🎌 An i18n bug has been solved, that resulted in seeing strings such as "" instead of actual text
    • The back-story is actually fun: electron's ASAR doesn't let you check if a file exists, so the past X versions of the app never even used the packaged locales, instead downloading them from (which was supposed to be an upgrade mechanism, not a failsafe!) everytime - which resulted in the bug appearing only sometimes for some people, when the request failed. Refactoring the app (renaming a folder) made the requests 404 all the time, making the bug obvious to everyone & giving me a good hint to fix it definitely.


  • 📦 Fixes nested installers. Closes #388
  • ⬆️ v0.13.1
  • 🐛 table? what even
  • 🐛 Fix i18n once and for all. Closes #387. Closes #386
  • 🐛 Look into #387 some
  • 📝 Using grunt again to run the app
  • 🎨 Refactor app dispatcher, closes #381
  • ⬆️ react 0.14.6 (they fixed their document 🐛 - for now! )
  • 📝 Switched to grunt-sass to my great dismay and to @elisee's joy probably
  • 📝 Update version recommendations for nodejs & electron
  • 💚 Unignore some fixtures :o
  • 🎨 Simplify test running a lil' bit
  • 🎨 Closes #382
  • 🎨 Get rid of babel hook - closes #347
  • Work on #347
  • 🎌 Fix name of Polish language, thanks hardpenguin!

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