github itchio/itch v0.10.4

latest releases: v26.1.5-canary, v26.1.3-canary, v26.1.2-canary...
pre-release8 years ago
  • ⬆️ v0.10.4
  • 🍎 Apply updates for realsies. Closes #167
  • make auto reports even better.
  • put game title right in the issue
  • Support '.tar' and '.xz' extensions. Closes #169
  • Save itch self crash log as .txt for easier viewing. Closes #198
  • Fix apology dialog title & condition when installing from URL. Closes #204. Closes #203.
  • Let jenkins specify a directory we can re-use to sync github releases (starting to be long)
  • 🐛 fix gist file name

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