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29 days ago

authservice 1.0.0

This is the first release of the Go rewrite of the authservice! 🚀

This is a full rewrite of the project in pure Go, to improve code readability, testability, quality, and the overall maintainability of the project. It provides feature parity with the original project, and the Docker images that are published on the project's GitHub Docker registry can be used as a drop-in replacement for the old authservice ones.

This project adds extensive code coverage, several end-to-end test suites that verify the correct behavior of the supported OIDC flows, as well as a compatibility suite that runs with both images, the Go-based authservice and the old C++ authservice to make sure backward-compatibility is not broken.

In addition to the extensive tests and feature parity, this first release of the Go authservice fixes the following issues:

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Initial contributors

The first release of the Go rewrite of theauthservice has been crafted with a lot of dedication and work from @zhaohuabing, @sergicastro, and @nacx, and thoroughly tested by @sbko Thank you all for your contributions!

Full release changelog:

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