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2 days ago

What's Changed

  • fix(ironfish): add additional transaction validation by @mat-if in #3901
  • Update brew workflow to macos-12 by @dguenther in #3907
  • fix(simulator): miscellaneous cleanup fixes and improvements by @holahula in #3897
  • adds pagination support to walletDb loadTransactions iterator by @hughy in #3890
  • fix: additional block verification for duplicate transactions by @mat-if in #3908
  • test: transaction verification benchmarks by @mat-if in #3910
  • test: add perf test for createNewBlockTemplate by @mat-if in #3912
  • fix(simulator): turn http adapter on by default by @holahula in #3913
  • perf: improve rust hex (de-)serialization by @mat-if in #3915
  • adds support for creating witnesses at past sizes by @hughy in #3896
  • Fix bad account balance for custom fee by @whohideonbug in #3916
  • creates spend witnesses using confirmation range by @hughy in #3918
  • Add confirmations and account to mint,burn,send fee selector by @dguenther in #3919
  • feat(ifl-934): agent to telemetry tags by @jowparks in #3921
  • adds confirmations to chain/getNoteWitness by @hughy in #3920
  • perf: refactor messages to reduce a duplicate serialization by @mat-if in #3924
  • checks if submitted block is heavier when chain changed by @hughy in #3923
  • adds rpc to follow transaction gossip stream by @hughy in #3925
  • fixes flaky onTransactionGossipReceived test by @hughy in #3933
  • regenerates fixtures and fixes outdated wallet tests by @hughy in #3931

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