github iridiumdev/iridium v4.1.0
Iridium core v4.1.0

Release version 4.1.0

This is a big maintenance release
While this release doesn't need a Hard Fork, it's better for all to update.

WARNING : The default iridium_walletd RPC Port is now 14008

Linux binaries are universal
If you want to build an optimized version for you system (using jemalloc or native arch , you have to compile the source)


  • potential exploit fixed (mainly burned coins - Thx BBScoin devs)
  • compilation on any systems
  • build universal binaries for linux by setting -DARCH=default
  • update to rocksDB 5.17.2
  • json headers response for all rpc requests
  • Now pow implementation is the same as Monero : No more cn_context (Thx KRB devs).
  • default walletd is now 14008 to be coherent with all the rpc api : now *7 = p2p, *8 = API
  • Modernize to C++ 11, many fixes and improvements.
  • Error on opening a non existant wallet file now return a correct message instead of "wrong version"
  • Fix inProcessNode and NodeRpcProxy strange sync at start resulting in an infinite loop until next block is found.
  • add jemalloc cmake module for linux
  • Add Ascii Art banner (Thx Thunderosa)
latest releases: v5.0.0, v4.2.0
21 months ago