github iridiumdev/iridium v4.0.1
Iridium core v4.0.1

Release version 4.0.1

Hard fork scheduled at block 115200 on Monday April 30 at about 8h UTC

  • switch to cryptonite lite variant 1 also called v7
  • Mixin is now mandatory : min 2 max 10
  • calculate difficulty on the right window size
  • Various typo and fixes
  • update to latest LWMA
  • fix MTP size

by default, testnet is setup like this :
upgrade to V2 at block 2 <- cryptonight
upgrade to V3 at block 5 <- cryptonight
upgrade to V4 at block 10 <- cryptonight lite variant 1
testnet target is 15s

latest releases: v5.0.0, v4.2.0, v4.1.0...
2 years ago