github iridiumdev/iridium v3.0.0
Iridium core 3.0.0

Release version 3.0.0
Hard fork scheduled at block 95250 on Monday March 19, 2018

  • speed up blockchain sync
  • fix limits to stay safe on difficulty algorithm
  • fix Zawy's coefficient to stick to target @175.0s
  • security fix to prevent a potential exploit
  • get rid of "Timeout error" when nodes leaves
  • add difficulty per block to the query method for the block explorer
  • update seeds nodes to the 3 servers : MTL(CA), RBX(FR) and SDN(AU)
  • update checkpoints
  • testnet is now configurable in the config file but you have to recompile.
  • add reset param in CreateAddress Method

by default, testnet is setup like this :
upgrade to V2 at block 2
upgrade to V3 at block 10
target 15s

latest releases: v5.0.0, v4.2.0, v4.1.0...
2 years ago