github iovisor/bcc v0.15.0
bcc release v0.15.0

  • Support for kernel up to 5.7
    • new tools:,
    • support lsm bpf programs
    • support multiple pid/tids for offwaketime
    • usdt: add helpers to set semaphore values
    • turn off x86 jump table optimization during jit compilation
    • add support to use bpf_probe_read[str}{_user,kernel} in all bpf
    • programs, fail back to old bpf_probe_read[_str] for old kernels
    • tools: add filtering by mount namespace
    • libbpf-tools: cpudist, syscount, execsnoop, vfsstat
    • lots of bug fixes and a few additional arguments for tools
latest releases: v0.21.0, v0.20.0, v0.19.0...
13 months ago