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21 days ago

We are pleased to announce a minor update to InvokeAI with the release of version 2.3.5.post1.

  • What's New
  • Installation and Upgrading
  • Known Bugs
  • Getting Help
  • Development Roadmap
  • Detailed Change Log
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What's New in 2.3.5.post1

The major enhancement in this version is that NVIDIA users no longer need to decide between speed and reproducibility. Previously, if you activated the Xformers library, you would see improvements in speed and memory usage, but multiple images generated with the same seed and other parameters would be slightly different from each other. This is no longer the case. Relative to 2.3.5 you will see improved performance when running without Xformers, and even better performance when Xformers is activated. In both cases, images generated with the same settings will be identical.

Here are the new library versions:


Other Improvements

When running the WebUI, we have reduced the number of times that InvokeAI reaches out to HuggingFace to fetch the list of embeddable Textual Inversion models. We have also caught and fixed a problem with the updater not correctly detecting when another instance of the updater is running (thanks to @pedantic79 for this).

Installation / Upgrading

To install or upgrade to InvokeAI 2.3.5.post1 please download the zip file at the bottom of the release notes (under "Assets"), unpack it, and then double-click to launch the script (Macintosh, Linux) or install.bat (Windows). Alternatively, you can open a command-line window and execute the installation script directly.

If you are using the Xformers library, please do not use the built-in updater to update, as it will not update xformers properly. Instead, either download the installer and ask it to overwrite the existing invokeai directory (your previously-installed models and settings will not be affected), or use the following recipe to perform a command-line install:

  1. Start the launcher script and select option # 8 - Developer's console.
  2. Give the following command:
pip install invokeai[xformers] --use-pep517 --upgrade

If you do not use Xformers, the built-in update option (# 9) will work, as will the above command without the "[xformers]" part.

Developers and power users can upgrade to the current version by activating the InvokeAI environment and then using pip install --use-pep517 --upgrade InvokeAI . You may specify a particular version by adding the version number to the command, as in InvokeAI==2.3.5.post1. To upgrade to an xformers version if you are not currently using xformers, use pip install --use-pep517 --upgrade InvokeAI[xformers]. You can see which versions are available by going to The PyPI InvokeAI Project Page

Known Bugs in 2.3.5.post1

These are known bugs in the release.

  1. Windows Defender will sometimes raise Trojan or backdoor alerts for the codeformer.pth face restoration model, as well as the CIDAS/clipseg and runwayml/stable-diffusion-v1.5 models. These are false positives and can be safely ignored. InvokeAI performs a malware scan on all models as they are loaded. For additional security, you should use safetensors models whenever they are available.

Getting Help

Please see the InvokeAI Issues Board or the InvokeAI Discord for assistance from the development team.

Development Roadmap

This is very likely to be the last release on the v2.3 source code branch. All new features are being added to the main branch. At the current time (mid-May, 2023), the main branch is only partially functional due to a complex transition to an architecture in which all operations are implemented via flexible and extensible pipelines of "nodes".

If you are looking for a stable version of InvokeAI, either use this release, install from the v2.3 source code branch, or use the pre-nodes tag from the main branch. Developers seeking to contribute to InvokeAI should use the head of the main branch. Please be sure to check out the dev-chat channel of the InvokeAI Discord, and the architecture documentation located at Contributing to come up to speed.

Full Changelog: v2.3.4.post1...v2.3.5-rc1

What's Changed

  • Update dependencies to get deterministic image generation behavior (2.3 branch) by @lstein in #3353
  • [Bugfix] Update check failing because process disappears by @pedantic79 in #3334
  • Turn the HuggingFaceConceptsLib into a singleton to prevent redundant connections by @lstein in #3337

New Contributors

Full Changelog: v2.3.5...v2.3.5.post1

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