github insin/react-hn v1.0
v1.0 - "has the main features I care about" edition

Made a breaking change which was a long time coming, so taking the chance to call it v1.0, as react-hn has all the main features I care about now.

The 1.0 build is now live at

Current features from the README:

  • Supports display of all item types:
    polls and
  • Basic user profiles
  • Collapsible comment threads, with child counts
  • "Realtime" updates (free via Firebase!)
  • Comment counts and last visit times for stories are cached in localStorage
  • New comments are highlighted:
    • Comments since your last visit to an item
    • New comments which load while you're reading an item
    • New comments in collapsed threads
  • Automatic or manual collapsing of comment threads which don't contain any new
  • Stories with new threads (top-level replies) are marked on list pages
  • Stories can be marked as read to remove highighting from new comments
  • "new" and "comments" sections driven by the Changed Items API
  • Item listing pages are cached in sessionStorage for quick back button usage
    and pagination in the same session
  • Configurable settings:
    • auto collapse
    • show dead
    • show deleted
  • Delayed comment detection - so tense! Who will it be? What will they say?
latest releases: v1.7.1, v1.7.0, v1.6.0...
6 years ago