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Inferno v8.1.0

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16 months ago


  • Breaking change Inferno.JSX.Element type has been removed in favor of more correct automatic typing
    • InfernoNode and InfernoNodeSingle has been added as top level exports to inferno package.
    • InfernoNode can be used as a replacement for Inferno.JSX.Element for type checking "any" JSX entry
    • InfernoNodeSingle can be used to restrict Component children to a single JSX node ( excluding arrays )
      This fixes issue: #1630
  • $ReCreate attribute has been added to allowed TSX attributes
  • selectedIndex property has been added to allowed select attributes
  • type Key has been unified and moved as top level export of inferno package
  • math formula elements are now allowed in TSX
  • Typescript has been upgraded to v5
  • media element is now correctly typed in TSX


  • 0 is now reserved for unknown value


  • all inferno package tests has been converted to TSX
  • development dependencies updated

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