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Inferno v8.0.0

latest releases: v5.6.3, v8.2.3, v8.2.2...
2 years ago



  • Added basic support for JSX Component default props 696006c
  • Added missing optimization flag #1595


Special thanks for improving inferno animations to @jhsware


  • history package has been updated to version 5


  • Document details about server side rendering for inferno-mobx d0ed1ca
  • Forward exceptions thrown by render so MobX does not eat them 0165ff0
  • inferno-mobx observer now correctly throws an exception for incompatible components 2da4cb6
  • Clean up new inferno-mobx examples 779f04f
  • Added observerPatch to inferno-mobx 8b6750f

Special thanks for improving inferno-mobx to @Gwenio

Build system and internal changes

Breaking changes

  • VNodeFlags.Void has been removed c658a41, use null or undefined vNode instead
  • Internet Explorer is not actively tested anymore due to Internet Explorer retiring on June 15, 2022 and jasmine v4 has dropped IE support
  • inferno-component package has been removed. Component is available in "inferno" main package
  • inferno-devtools is discontinued 537cb2d
  • method findDOMfromVNode is now called findDOMFromVNode
  • method isDOMinsideComponent is now called isDOMInsideComponent

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