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Inferno v6.0.0-rc.0

latest releases: v5.6.3, v8.2.3, v8.2.2...
pre-release5 years ago

This is the first release candidate for the next major version! Please help the community by testing it out!

You can install this version using the following command. Use same version for all packages

npm install --save inferno@6.0.0-rc.0

JSX users also need to update babel plugin, Note that babel v7 is now required. See their documentation for help in migration:

npm install --save babel-plugin-inferno@6.0.0-5

This release includes the following tickets:


You can now render arrays from Component render methods, or root level.
See test cases for documentation:
Or React doc:

New lifecycle:

  • getDerivedStateFromProps
  • getSnapshotBeforeUpdate

New optimization flag:

  • $HasTextChildren, this flag can be used if vNode contains only single text children

Breaking change:

And more, see Github tickets for all changes. Complete documentation will come later.

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