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Inferno v5.4.0

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5 years ago


  • Always diff through whole vNode tree, even when vNodes are strictly equal. Fixes #1369 #1345
  • Improves performance when no contenteditable elements are used. JSX users update to babel-plugin-inferno v5.1.0
  • Adds basic support for content-editable elements. Nested html is not supported for content-editable elements, only text for now. Fixes #1186



  • Fixes an issue where props were removed when cloning vNodes multiple times


  • Fixes typescript type reference error #1366


  • New version of prettier ran on whole project
  • All dependencies updated


  • Inferno-mobx inject documentation updated #1368
  • Link changed to round 7 web framework benchmark #1372
  • Rollup config updated #1367
  • Removed functional component work around from Inferno router examples

Babel-plugin-inferno v5.1.0

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