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Inferno v5.1.0

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6 years ago


  • Added documentation about tear downing Inferno application ( 5051e12 )
  • Added guard for chaining forceUpdate into setState which caused runtime error
  • Cleaned lifecycle parameter from all methods ( a647ac0 )
  • Simplified autofocus attribute handling ( 9a23d67 )
  • options.roots has been removed to reduce memory usage
  • options.afterMount / options.afterUpdate / options.beforeUnmount has been removed as they are no longer needed for devtools

Inferno-devtools (React developer tools)

Inferno - React developer tools integration has been rewritten from scratch. It no longer wraps functional Components into Class Components, it now correctly updates state / and props where possible and no longer duplicates root nodes. This rewrite also fixes some long running issues about the devtools. ( #729 #677 #1326 #1324 )

You can get React developer tools for Chrome from Chrome store


  • Documentation has been updated
  • Fixed Navlink component adding exact attribute to DOM


  • Added non synthetic events to Inferno JSX types ( 641cf8a )
  • Allow JSX node to be Router children ( 11171f7 )

Build & Maintenance

  • Minimized console logs during Travis CI tests
  • All dependencies updated

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