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Inferno 1.3.0

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7 years ago


Inferno repository is now using Lerna mono repo structure, all sources can be found under package/name/src.
Inferno-test-utils were fully rewritten from scratch. It provides new functions that can help testing Inferno applications. More about inferno-test-utils can be found from here:


  • inferno-vnode-flags no longer has dependencies
  • defaultProps are now handled before component is constructed
  • removed already unmounted logic
  • cloneVNode performance increased
  • Inferno no longer de-hyphenates properties. Core uses properties like they are in DOM standard. fe: <svg><use xlink:href="#test"></use></svg> React like behavior has been moved into inferno-compat package.
  • Fixes defaultValue for non controlled select element
  • Object.assign is removed from inferno sources. IE 11 now has native support.
  • bug fix: allow textArea to use defaultValue
  • bug fix: update props and state even when SCU returns false
  • bug fix: better defaultChecked logic for checkboxes
  • bug fix: Fixes issue where setStateSync changes was being discarded
  • bug fix: renderToStream has better handling in invalid render scenario


  • Fixes the issue of children being mutated causing instance being null exception
  • Fixes bug where textNodes were not patched correctly
  • Recursive performance has been increased


  • Inferno-server has better compatibility with Inferno-compat
  • Inferno-compat now supports Immutable children


  • Mixins now get their class instance passed correctly


  • Added basic support for IndexRoute
  • Links now have baseName support
  • Fixes issue with redirects


  • hyperscript no longer lower case tag names as some of them are case sensitive

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