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Inferno 0.7.14

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8 years ago

This update greatly improves stability of Inferno and its packages. Highlights include:

  • inferno-server and inferno-dom have much improved server-sider rendering capabilities and hydration features.
  • inferno-dom has a completely revamped non-keyed patch implementation that is about 30% faster. It's also much easier to understand and read.
  • inferno-router has had many bugs fixed and support for nested routes.
  • inferno-compat has been added to add parity to users coming from React. Make sure you check the README on how to use it and give feedback where possible.
  • inferno-component and inferno-dom have better component lifecycle handling, especially in cases of firing unmounting events (such as componentWillUnmount).
  • inferno-dom now treats null, undefined, false and true values to a new internal VPlaceholder node that uses empty DOM TextNodes to track their positions as they move around the DOM tree. Furthermore, arrays within arrays and text children also adopt a similar technique using the internal object VList and VText respectfully.
  • inferno-dom has a new API addition of findDOMNode, replicating the functionality of React's findDOMNode.

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