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Inferno 0.7.12

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8 years ago

This release brings about many bug fixes to inferno-server, inferno-component and inferno-dom. Most notably, a new package has been added.

  • New package: inferno-create-class allowing for ES5 creation of Inferno Components.
  • inferno-dom now attempts to hydrate SSR content from inferno-server.
  • inferno-component now properly handles sCU in some use cases where it might instead clear the content.
  • inferno-dom now clears a container if it is no longer empty (and warns the user if they use document.body).
  • inferno-server now handles Inferno's blueprints properly.
  • inferno-server no longer attempts to access the window object when in NodeJS.
  • inferno-dom unitless CSS property support has been re-added at a cost in bundle size.

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