github indygreg/python-build-standalone 20210325

  • nis extension is no longer built on Linux. This extension was adding a dependency on libnsl, which isn't part of the Linux Standard Base. Modern Linux distributions are dropping libnsl from the base install, leading to missing libraries at run-time. See discussion in #51 for more.
  • macOS Python 3.8 is now built against the 10.15 SDK instead of 11.x.
  • PYTHON.json version incremented to 7 to add Apple SDK metadata.
  • musl libc upgraded to 1.2.2.
  • setuptools upgraded to 54.1.1.
  • LibreSSL upgraded to 3.2.5.
  • OpenSSL upgraded to 1.1.1k.
  • SQLite upgraded to 3.35.2.
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6 months ago