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INCEpTION is an extensible web-based collaborative environment for text annotation. It integrates machine-learning-based annotation support, knowledge base management and corpus building into a single comprehensive platform.

This is a bug fix release and minor feature release.

What's Changed

  • 🦟 #4664 - Implicitly created DocumentAnnotation can trigger UnreachableAnnotationsCheck by @reckart in #4665
  • 🦟 #4669 - Results missing from search when annotation document exists but is in state NEW by @reckart in #4670
  • ⭐️ #4645 - Self-help info for reverse proxy problems by @reckart in #4646, #4673
  • ⭐️ #4671 - Make basic relation layer be cross-sentence by default by @reckart in #4672
  • ⚙️ #4647 - Better handling of unsupported annotation feature types by @reckart in #4648

Full Changelog: inception-31.3...inception-31.4


The new version can be downloaded from our website [3] or is available as docker images from GitHub [8].

Important upgrade notes

Please check the upgrade notes [7]. If you upgrade from an older version, check upgrade and release notes of intermediate releases as well.

An in-place upgrade from INCEpTION 31.3 to 31.4 is possible. You can usually also perform an in-place upgrade from an older version, but you should make sure that each of the intermediate releases allow an in-place upgrade to the next higher release.

Back up your data before the upgrade [4].


An overview of INCEpTION can be found in

Klie, J.-C., Bugert, M., Boullosa, B., Eckart de Castilho, R. and Gurevych, I. (2018):
The INCEpTION Platform: Machine-Assisted and Knowledge-Oriented Interactive Annotation.
In Proceedings of System Demonstrations of the 27th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (COLING 2018), Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

PDF and BibTeX as well as more publications on specific features are
available from our website [5].

License and System requirements

INCEpTION is provided as open source software under the Apache License version 2.

Running INCEpTION requires Java version 17 or higher.

By default, INCEpTION uses an embedded database which is sufficient for testing. However, the use of a MariaDB database is recommended.

INCEpTION works best with Chrome and Safari.

-- The INCEpTION developer team


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