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INAV 3.0.2

Hello and welcome to INAV 3.0.2 Release!

Please carefully read all of this document for the best possible experience and safety.

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Setup tutorials

Important Notes

Font update required

The OSD fonts have been improved (@Jettrel) and there are several new symbols. A font file update is required to use the new symbols and avoid an invalid font warning. Upload the updated font of your choosing from the OSD tab.

Upgrading from 3.0.0

  1. Backup configuration with CLI dump command
  2. Flash INAV 3.0.2 with Full Chip Erase
  3. Restore configuration by pasting configuration from step 1

Alternatively, flash 3.0.2 without Full Chip Erase - Not recommended

Changes from 3.0.2

  1. Fix FOXEERF722V2 motor outputs
  2. JETI Telemetry
  3. New Target MATEKF765SE
  4. New Target SPEEDYBEEF7V2
  5. New Target BETAFPVF722
  6. Add FF component to Blackbox logs
  7. Always apply Control Derivative, also in Angle mode

Recommended hardware

Flight controllers

Airplane models


Long range radio systems

GPS & Sensors



You can get more suggestions following this link too.

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