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19 months ago

A bigger update today, which deserves an extra introduction text since there are breaking changes. We have revamped the sensor and binary sensor entities and we can now add multiple sensors per device! You no longer have to use the state attributes to understand more about the state of your device.

⚠️ This means that some of your sensors / binary_sensors will change, thus it could be that you have to change your automations and scripts! ⚠️

Screen Shot 2021-08-10 at 10 53 19

Are you still missing sensors? Have a look at your device via Developer Tools -> States and let us know the state name.

What's changed

⚠️ Breaking changes

  • Add sensors dynamically based on available device state (#425) @iMicknl
  • Add binary sensors dynamically based on available device state (#505) @iMicknl

🚀 Features

✨ Enhancement

  • Improve code quality for description entity (#512) @iMicknl
  • Split entity between entity and executor logic [refactor] (#506) @iMicknl
  • Refactor supported hubs/servers and load them from pyhoma (#418) @iMicknl

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Temporary bugfix for AwningValance (until this is fixed serverside) (#511) @iMicknl

Contributors to this release

@iMicknl, @tetienne

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