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20 months ago

What's changed

This release adds a lot of long awaited climate devices. Please note that not all implementations have been end to end tested and that they may not be 100% functional. Feel free to report missing functionality and bugs via a GitHub issue.

🚀 Features

  • Add basic support for HitachiAirToAirHeatPump (#364) @iMicknl
  • Add basic support for AtlanticPassAPCHeatingAndCoolingZone (#380) @iMicknl
  • Add basic support for AtlanticElectricalHeaterWithAdjustableTemperatureSetpoint (#362) @iMicknl
  • Add support for AtlanticElectricalTowelDryer (#423) @iMicknl

✨ Enhancement

  • Add more information regarding Model and Manufacturer (#474) @iMicknl

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Adjust Atlantic Electrical Heater to new standards and fix issues (#454) @iMicknl

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