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13 months ago

What's changed

A huge update this time, since we are working on backporting all our improvements from core to the custom component. Please know that small bugs can happen, especially in such a big update. Don't update (yet) if you don't want to test the latest and greatest.

Please see #697 for an estimation when functionality will be in core. If you don't use climate, alarm control panel or water heater, you can already migrate to Overkiz in core.

As usual, let us know if you face bugs or if you have feedback via GitHub issues.

⚠️ Breaking changes

  • Reintroduce low speed feature as separate cover (#763) @tetienne
  • Removal of low speed service and low speed switch
  • Stateless alarm control panel and climate have been moved to a switch entity

⤽ Backport from Core

🚀 Features

✨ Enhancement

🐛 Bug Fixes

Contributors to this release

@iMicknl, @tetienne and @vlebourl

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