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2 years ago

What's changed

Version 2 introduces async calls and a Data Update Coordinator to centralize entity updates. This makes the entity update much more responsive! This component now entirely relies on the async api pyhoma.

In case you face any issues with version 2.0, please log them on GitHub.

✨ Enhancement

  • Improve climate platform and support dynamic state allocation (#197) @tetienne
  • Bring back support for YAML configuration (#201) @iMicknl
  • Create constant for ignored devices (#200) @tetienne
  • Various small clean (#199) @tetienne
  • Reduce platform setup complexity (#198) @tetienne
  • Remove SCAN_INTERVAL in favour of DataUpdateCoordinator (#195) @iMicknl
  • Enable position for AdjustableSlatsRollerShutter devices (#192) @iMicknl
  • Pin pyhoma package and change tahoma_api to pyhoma (#190) @iMicknl
  • Implement the DataUpdateCoordinator (#186) @tetienne
  • Update implementation for Siren (#183) @iMicknl
  • Add missing states for some sensor and binary sensor devices (#182) @iMicknl
  • Add device attributes to attributes (#180) @iMicknl
  • Add more ui_classes and sort them alphabetically (#168) @iMicknl
  • Improve support for GasSensor, ThermalEnergySensor, WaterSensor and add support for Siren Status (#170) @iMicknl
  • Simplify logic for RTS devices (#169) @iMicknl
  • Add support for SwimmingPool devices (#171) @iMicknl
  • Make all functions async, utilise new Python wrapper, better exception handling, improved device mapping (#160) @iMicknl

🐛 Bug Fixes

Contributors to this release

@iMicknl, @tetienne and @vlebourl

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