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v568 Test Build 3

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21 days ago

This is a test build of v568. The code is all the same, but the versions of the stuff running it is updated. I have made this build so medium-to-advanced users can test and see if we have any conflicts. The expected problems would be of the sort, "My OS version x cannot boot this," or a similar OS-dll conflict, although I am not expecting anything new. I, hydev, am interested in all reports on how this goes, but I do not want new users to try this out. You must be confident in how a hydrus extract release works to test this out.

If you would like to try this out for me, then:

  • Try Test 3 first. If it fails, go for 2.
  • Extract it to your desktop or similar. DO NOT USE IN A REAL CLIENT.
  • Does it boot?
  • If mpv works in your real client, does it still work here?
  • How do your images look? Any incorrect colours or static?
  • Do you have any UI issues, particularly stuff like menu positioning on a multi-monitor setup?
  • Let me know via email or discord or post on the release threads. I'd like to know your OS, too!

Test 2 is v568 with Python 3.11.
Test 3 is the same but with newer versions of Qt, OpenCV, and some other stuff.

EDIT: It looks like the jump to Python 3.11 will need a clean install. If you try to extract one of these over a normal Python 3.10 build, you get dll conflicts pouring out your ears. I can figure this automatically for the Win installer, but when we get to using this for real, everyone who extracts will need to do a one-time clean install.

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