github hvac/hvac v0.10.5

🚀 Features

  • Add JWT/OIDC Authentication Method Classes. GH-613
  • Add Identity Tokens Methods and Documentation. GH-611
  • Add P-521 to list of allowed key types. GH-608
  • Add P-384 and RSA-3072 to list of allowed key types. GH-606

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • Options not read by tune_mount_configuration. GH-603

📚 Documentation

  • Add Autodoc Summaries. GH-612
  • Correct Return Type Docstrings Within Transit Class. GH-609
  • Transit engine docs for Encrypt Data now refer to encrypt_data. GH-601

🧰 Miscellaneous

  • Update Vault version test matrix / Oldest Support Vault Version. GH-610

Thanks to @akdor1154, @jeffwecan, @ns-jshilkaitis and @trishankatdatadog for their lovely contributions.

2 months ago