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局域网中只需要X-Proxy的机器有NVIDIA GPU设备即可共享GPU扫盘,Miner机器不需要GPU设备
X-Proxy配置device:0表示第0张显卡 0,1 表示使用第0、1 2张显卡

  1. Add support for GPU scanning, only support NVIDIA graphics card
  2. Add Bladebit decompression failure log

In the local area network, only X-Proxy machines need to have NVIDIA GPU devices to share GPU scan disks, and Miner machines do not need GPU devices
X-Proxy configuration device: 0 means the 0th graphics card 0,1 means use the 0th and 1st 2 graphics cards
After starting, open the X-Proxy background management, and you can check the operation status of the equipment in the miner management-->Bladebit page

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