github hpjansson/chafa 1.6.1
Chafa 1.6.1

This is a bugfix release.

  • Add NOCONFIGURE variable to to skip configure (Biswapriyo Nath).

  • Bug fixes:

    • #50 SIGBUS while loading huge GIFs (reported by Grzegorz Koperwas).
    • #52 Produces small glitches in output with some images (reported by Sami Farin).
    • #54 Haiku port fails on 32bit (Luc Schrijvers).
    • [unfiled] Exclude RTL code points that could break the output.
    • [unfiled] Apple Terminal lacks truecolor support, so make it default to 256 colors (reported by Behdad Esfahbod).
    • [unfiled] Fix typo affecting middle dot symbol.
latest release: 1.8.0
3 months ago