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TOTK Optimizer 2.0 (UltraCam Beyond) OFFICIAL RELEASE


About The Update.

TOTK Optimizer 2.0 is the biggest update yet for the Optimizer with over 1000 hours of work put into UltraCam Beyond. First of all THANK YOU TO EVERYONE who supported the EARLY ACCESS releases and decided to donate to me, each one of you has helped me out a lot to continue to work on this gigantic project, as of right now I'm doing this full time and without your support this wouldn't be possible.

If you want to Support the Project and It's mods. Click Here.

Find me on Discord. Here.

About Future Updates.

As some of you are aware, at this current moment the UltraCam and TOTK Optimizer are also released biweekly basis with new EXPERIMENTAL features and fixes in Kofi and Patreon. These updates will also include a new Experimental UltraCam/Dfps for BOTW(SWITCH) starting soon, it will also be apart of the Optimizer in the future.

What will UltraCam 3.0 (EARLY ACCESS) Include?

  • At the moment, there's a working console with bunch of commands to let you do some cool things like switching resolution in realtime, fps, fov, speed up or slow down the game and many many many more things! (Like saving sequences!)
  • In the future i plan to add an in-game overlay, like reshade that will let you do all of those inside of the game itself as well and more.
  • I also plan on improving things and cleaning optimizing the code whenever possible.
  • Also version 3 will add custom ACTOR spawning, sometime in April! Stay Tuned
  • Version 3 may also get it's own built in RANDOMIZER with settings! For all of you that want to have some extra fun! Stay Tuned For More Information


For Ryujinx Users.

  • Fixed issues with the config file.
  • Please keep in mind, High preset is potentially the max Ryujinx can handle. (Ultra MAY work).
    • Shadow resolution of 3072 is what i found to be the most stable, 4096 dropped me to 4FPS at 4k + 4k shadows, while 3072 stayed at around 50 FPS. (Ryujinx Only)
  • Keyboard shortcut do not work in Ryujinx unless the keyboard is added as a controller (INACCURATE) to how a usb keyboard works.
    • Ryujinx developers please fix.

For Switch Users.

  • Added an extract setting, which will generate the mod in the same folder.
  • Medium is the highest a 4gb switch can handle, although NOT RECOMMENDED for use. Unless overclocked. (1440)

Having any issues? Feel free to check our discord

Benchmark of performance using Ultracam Benchmarking feature, please participate!

New Features

FPS Beyond (Hybrid DFPS)

  • UltraCam Beyond improves upon the dynamically adjusting game speed algorithm. A completely new algorithm that smoothness game feeling.
  • Prioritizes static delta time over dynamic delta time when FPS target is reached. Please cap FPS to your FPS target and do not use any EMU's FPS cap (SHOULD BE LEFT TO 100%).
  • Internally Fixed Blackscreen issues (NO NEED FOR A SEPARATE MOD)
  • Fixes multiple physics and FPS issues. Such as:
    • Gears in shrines not spinning at the correct speed or being stuck
    • Some Shrines have been capped to 60 FPS to allow for a proper completion at unlocked FPS.
    • Fixed bow vertical camera speed.
    • Fixed weapon throw vertical camera speed.
    • Fixes Menu and Map speeds.
    • Fixed Video Audio Desyncs.
    • Fixed Autobuild Icons.
  • Dynamic FPS cap. Allows the game to cap FPS depending on different circumstances. Such as:
  • Allows for a custom FPS cap for Menus up to 120 FPS.
  • Allows for a custom FPS cap for Movies up to 120 FPS.
    • Currently set to 30 by default.
    • Can be changed in TOTKOptimizer.ini
  • Allows for a custom FPS cap for different shrines to solve physic issues. (used for 2 shrines atm)
  • Added a physics fix per shrine basis.
    • Fixed physics for shrines:
      • Turamik (locked 60)
      • Shrine on top of Gerudo City (locked 60)
      • Rasiwak Shrine (120 FPS fix)
  • Allows for up to 480 FPS dynamically adjusted.
  • NOTE! (WARNING) MENUS ARE RECOMMENDED TO BE CAPPED TO 60 OR BELOW. (May run at higher speed if not capped)

Please report any shrines that aren't working correctly at 120 FPS. That way i can fix them 1 by 1. Please provide a video with the shrine if you encounter one.

Resolution Beyond (Internal Rendering) Internal Res Imgsli - Upscaler VS Internal Res - SSAO

  • Allows the game to render at native resolution with no issues up to 8K resolution (unlike dfps 1.5.5)
    • This also fixes SSAO
    • Fixes Skyislands
    • Fixes different shadow bugs
    • Fixes different artifacts caused by the upscaling
    • Allows for the game to use internal aspect ratios.
      • These aspect ratios work differently then other mods as they increase the rendering resolution horizontally or vertically making for a cleaner image.
  • Override Handheld resolution
    • Uses the same resolution for both docked and handheld
  • Handheld resolution
    • Allows you to set a custom handheld resolution to anything.
  • NOTE! (WARNING) - Emulator upscaling should be left to 1x!
  • NOTE! (WARNING) - Extended Memory Layout needs to be set to 6gb for resolutions over 1440p up to 6k resolution and 8gb for anything above 6k resolution.
  • NOTE! (WARNING) - The above message also stands for the shadow resolutions. (Optimizer normally takes care of these).

Shadows Beyond Shadows IMGSLI 1 - Shadows IMGSLI 2 - Shadows IMGSLI 3

  • Allows for the use of 8k SHADOWS even at 1080p resolution. THIS has a HUGE graphical impact and makes things look a lot nicer (RECOMMENDED 4k SHADOWS)

Internal Memory Allocation

  • Allows for the allocation of different heaps, such as:
    • Texture heap. Allows for allocation for the texture heap which would allow you to use a HD Texture pack, if one comes out in the future.
  • RSDB Heap
    • Allows for the increase of RSDB heap which would make it very easy for one to merge mods with one another.

New Settings (ULTRACAM)

  • Render Distance.
    • Allows you to set the render distance (DEFAULT is 25000) SHOULD NOT BE INCREASED but rather decreased for extra performance.
    • (WARNING) increasing the render distance can result in artifacts beyond the horizon point.
  • Triple Buffer.
    • Forces the game to use triple buffer vsync over the double buffer vsync which results in a smoother experience.
  • Quality Improvements.
    • Disables dynamic resolution and FSR.
  • Disable FXAA.
    • Disables the internal FXAA option
  • Depth of Field.
    • Removes the Depth Of Field effect during combat.
  • LensFlare.
    • Removes the Lensflare from the game.

FOV Beyond

  • Scales up all FOV now not just the base FOV.

UltraCam Beyond (FREECAM) changes.

  • A new setting has been added to disable the freecam.
  • The camera and the camera's movement now moves with the stick percentage.
  • The new freecam allows for a 360* rotation in all directions and 360* tilt as well
  • Now you can teleport link to the camera with a new shortcut.
    • ZR (HOLD) + Down (PRESS) - Teleport Link. - (O)
    • Automatically opens the glider as well.
  • Time Control
    • Plus (PRESS), Minus (PRESS) - Controls Time. - (NONE)
  • Control Weather
    • ZR (HOLD) + Plus (Press) - Change Weather. (Takes a few seconds) - (NONE)
  • When freecam is enabled it will use a higher FOV in the titlescreen!

Early Access Features (ATM)

UltraCam Sequencer Beyond

  • Uses a smoother transition between each keyframe.
  • A new setting has been added to allow the last keyframe to transition into a stop smoother.
  • A new setting has been added to adjust the curve of the entire sequence.
  • Now will take FOV points and interpolate between them.

Camera Speed.

  • Allows for control of the speed of the camera in both Axis (X - Y) (LOCATED IN ADVANCED)

Time Speed.

  • Allows you to slow down, stop time or make time move faster by default.


  • UltraCam Beyond comes with 5 new benchmarks, Kakariko Village, Great Sky Island, Lookout Landing, Korok Forest and Goron City.
  • Press G on the keyboard to trigger a benchmark (Direct Keyboard is REQUIRED).
  • These benchmarks use a completely new sequence to store frame data, which is then processed by the UltraCam and spit out in a file that the Optimizer then reads. The file is located in the switch SDCARD named TOTKBenchmark.txt
  • Also the ultracam will check if the zone is within 100m of the player Location and if it is, it will use that zone instead.
  • Added a way to refresh the benchmark in TOTK Optimizer.
  • Benchmark Files are allocated in the SD-card of emulator or switch.

TOTK Optimizer (UI Section)


Visual and UX changes.

  • A new Section related to benchmarks has been added.
  • The Benchmark section now also displays your SYSTEM SPECS (Not working on Linux).
  • A new button has been added to refresh the current latest Benchmark.
  • Two new buttons related to Graphics and Advanced have been added.
  • A new button has been added, allowing mods to be extracted in the optimizer folder itself.
  • The Donate, Github and Discord server buttons have been visually updated to fit the theme better.
  • TOTK Optimizer new logo has been added to the UI.
  • TOTK Optimizer ICON has been updated to the new WAY OF THE WIND LOGO.
  • New Visual effects have been added to the overall UI.

Technical Changes

  • Disabled the exefs patcher that was used before for older exefs patches as they are redundant now.
  • Removed all of ChuckSeedAndFeed code.
  • Removed old DFPS.
  • Removed UltraCam 1.1.
  • Removed mentions of Yuzu, now renamed to Legacy Mode. (RIP YUZU)
    • Preserved Yuzu's COMPATIBILITY and made it work with any future iterations of the emulator if any legal ones come out.
  • Reworked the algorithm parser for UltraCam settings.
  • Reworked the entire system for Legacy settings parser.
  • Reworked the way the config works now, it uses an index over saving names.
  • Added new JSON files for UltraCam Beyond to keep support for older versions as well from older Optimizer versions.
  • Added a new JSON parser for TOTK Optimizer presets.
  • Added a new Advanced tab, this tab holds a lot more options to configure both the freecam and things like camera speed and a lot more and more to come.
  • Added Benchmark Parser
  • Added a way to instantly COPY benchmarks and system specs.
  • Added a way to switch between benchmarks.
  • Added a new EXTRACT button that allows you to extract the mods locally.
  • Added an extended memory layout configurations based on resolution automatically for Emulators.
  • Changed the mod's name to be !!!TOTKOptimizer it also now merges with the UltraCam Beyond Mod.
  • Changed the config name to be TOTK Optimizer.ini

Bug Fixes

  • #83 Should be fixed with 2.0.
  • #82 Should be fixed as long as Extended Memory layout is active and version is anything over 1.0.0
  • #78 30 FPS lock not working.
  • #76 Ryujinx config parser breaking Ryujinx.
  • #75 Added a way to disable Freecam.
  • #74 Fixed TOTK Optimizer doesn't auto enable Updates.
  • Fixed #73
  • Added a workaround and a potential FIX to #72
  • Added a workaround and a potential FIX to #71
  • Made TOTK Optimizer compatible with Ryujinx Ava #63
  • Fixed Motions controls not working after using FREECAM #61


  • 2.0.1
    • Fix Steamdeck directories
    • Fix Unable to Launch through the launch button for yuzu and stuff.
  • 2.0.2
    • Fix launch issues
    • Make 1440p use extended memory 6gb (Should fix most crashes you guys experienced)
    • Fixed Updater not working, 2.0.2 will require a manual Download atm.
    • Fixed Handheld resolution not working correctly.
  • 2.0.3
    • Fix 16:10 resolution not being calculated correctly (STEAMDECK REJOICE!)
    • Reformated the Benchmark copy paste to look a lot nicer and include resolution information and MORE!
    • Fixed Launch Button Auto detection.
    • Shadow fixes:
      • Fixed Vertical camera Speed setting not doing anything
      • Fixed RAM allocation (WAS BUGGED)
        • This fixes the game not working at anything above 4K.
        • Also makes 1440p work at 4gb.
        • Also fixes all of the loading issues.
  • 2.0.4
    • Features
      • Integrated the Launch button to work with Linux
      • Ensure the Launch Button works with suyu, yuzu and any other yuzu fork...
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed the Zoom Levels of the in-game scope (ALL FOVs)
      • Fixed the horizontal speed of the in-game scope
      • Fixed FOV not being properly set at the beginning of a no-save state game.
      • Potentially Fixed crashes related to no-save state game.
      • Ryujinx has now improved performance very drastically with 4k shadows and 4k resolution, therefore nearly all crashes related to the resolutions have been solved. (be careful to not go too high though.)
    • Adjustments
      • Changed the High Preset to use 4k shadows instead of 3072.
      • Changed the Ultra preset to use 6k resolution instead of 8k. (Should work on Ryujinx, probably)...
      • Removed unstable from High for Ryujinx.
      • Renamed some paths related to the TOTKOptimizer stuff...
      • Reworked the launch button to work with Linux.
      • Added the browse executable for Linux versions, hence now the launch button requires it.
      • Ensured the Launch button asks for an executable if there's none pointed yet.
  • 2.0.5
    • Features
      • Added the following Aspect Ratios and UI hud fixes for xbox, ps4, steamdeck, switch controllers. THANKS TO - Fruithapje21.
        "4x4", "4x5", "4x3", "3x2", "16x9", "16x10", "256x135", "18x9", "19.5x9", "20x9", "21x9", "21.5x9", "32x9", "48x9"
    • Bug Fixes
      • Fixed directory issues caused by legacy Emulators having " in their subpaths. #99

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