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To download the mods go to Assets on the bottom of this post. Click "Show all 14 assets" to see the full versions.

Everyone, please welcome the newest member of the team, @MaxLastBreath !
And please check out his most recent contributions! Its massive!

Also feel free to checkout The Way Of The Wind Discord.

mlb release

Ultracam Control Scheme

New "TOTK Optimizer" & "Ultracam" by @MaxLastBreath, brings better performance, better visuals, and better compatibility - including 1.2.1
It also allows you to take full control of the camera, moving it completely independently of Link, and using keyframes, can help you produce gorgeous cinematic shots able to rival those of Nintendo themselves.
Can take a look at the source code if you're interested in that sort of stuff, over at:


Mod Managers (Click on Assets to view the files):

Vasilvestre's TOTK Mod Manager for Switch Emulators
ModMopet - A mod manager for Nintendo Switch Emulators

Other useful mods:

Alerion's UI Mods (Deleted)
Amiibo Anti-RNG (for TOTK 1.1.0 to 1.2.1)
Jaddey's Aspect Ratio mods

Click to view how to use the lazy pack generator Follow this guide to configure Yuzu correctly for Tears of the Kingdom.
Update your Tears of the Kingdom - I recommend 1.1.2, however, the patches work on all versions of the game.
Select a resolution.
Select a framerate.
Select your preferred controller user interface.
Click "Generate!"
Thats it! The patch has been installed in Yuzu's mod directory, it has been enabled by default, and your settings has been changed to reflect your choices made in the generator. If you experience any issues with the Lazy Pack Generator, please feel free to contact me on discord at Hoverbike#8377 or @hoverbike1, or simply create an issue on our issue tracker.
Click to view the patches included in the lazy pack generator

// Credit: @chucksfeedandseed
// Disable Quality Reduction 1.1.0/1.1.1/1.1.2
// DynamicFPS 1.5.5 beta 3

// Credit: @Patchanon
// Disable Quality Reduction 1.0.0

// Credit: @theboy181
// LOD Improvement

// Credit: @sweetmini
// LOD Improvement 1.1.1/1.1.2 ports

// Credit: @marethyu
// Blackscreen-fix

// Credit: @StevensND
// Porting many patches to 1.2.0

Bug Megathread

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