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Mod Managers (Click on Assets to view the files):

Vasilvestre's TOTK Mod Manager for Switch Emulators
ModMopet - A mod manager for Nintendo Switch Emulators

Other useful mods:

Alerion's UI Mods
Amiibo Anti-RNG
Jaddey's Aspect Ratio mods



  • Added @MaxLastBreath's brand new 'First Person +' First Person View mod!
  • All new Aspect Ratios, now with built in HUD fixes, and Blackscreenfix! (Thanks @Fruithapje21)
  • Added DynamicFPS 1.5.3 (Thanks @chucksfeedandseed)
  • Added DynamicFPS 1.5.3 to Lazy Packs
  • Added new 'Increased Camera Speed' exefs patch, which doubles camera sensitivity. (Thanks @theboy181)
  • Added new 1.0.0 version of Blackscreen-fix
  • Fixed issues with 1.0.0 FSR and 1008p (Thanks @MaxLastBreath)
  • Fixed same issues in Lazy Packs
  • Lots of new cheats for 1.0.0, and a few for 1.1.0/1.1.1/1.1.2

See the full changelog

Click to view how to use the lazy packs Follow this guide to configure Yuzu correctly for Tears of the Kingdom.
Update your Tears of the Kingdom - I recommend 1.1.2, however, the patches work on all versions of the game.
Pick a single Lazy Pack that suits your needs.
Decide on a framerate. 30 or 60?
Decide on a resolution. 720p, 1080p, 1440p, 4K or 8K?
Decide if you want to use the Nintendo controller UI, or a UI mod, such as the Xbox and Playstation mods linked below, some of which we also ship in the archive.

Here are some examples:
60 FPS - 1440p 2X - 2880p 4X - UI Mod compatible

  • This patch caps at 60 FPS.
  • It is intended to scale between 1440p and 2880p (supersampled 1440p for those crisp visuals) depending on what resolution scaling you choose in Yuzu's graphics settings, as shown in picture 7 in the guide below, for reference.
  • And it features compatibility with UI controller mods, such as the Xbox, Playstation and Steam Deck UI Mods.

If you were to decide to target 30 FPS, 1080p, and you would like the Xbox UI, you should choose:
30 FPS - 1080P 1X - UI Mod Compatible - and set the scaling in Yuzu to X1, in order to achieve 1080p - and enable the Xbox UI Mod.

If you were to decide to play on a beefy 1080p PC at 60 FPS, using your Switch Pro controller, and you would like the Normal, Nintendo controller UI, you should choose:
60 FPS - 1080P 1X - and set the scaling in Yuzu to X1, in order to achieve 1080p - with no controller mod, to use the default nintendo icons and layout, and blackscreen-fix prepackaged in this non-ui compatible lazy patch.

If you were to decide to play on a SUPER beefy 4K PC at 60 FPS, using your Playstation controller, and you would like the Playstation controller UI, you should choose:
60 FPS - 4K 2X - 8K 4X - UI Mod Compatible - and set the scaling in Yuzu to X2, in order to achieve 1080p x 2 = 2160p - along with enabling the Playstation UI Mod.

The non-UI compatible versions contain Blackscreen-fix, which is incompatible with UI mods, and must be combined correctly, to avoid issues that arise from conflicting fixes. The UI Mods make changes to the same files as blackscreen-fix - so make sure to combine/avoid combining these according to what you're trying to do.

If you experience any issues with Lazy Packs, please feel free to contact me on discord at Hoverbike#8377 or @hoverbike1

Click to view the patches included in the lazy pack

// Credit: @Wollnashorn
// Force bilinear terrain samplers to be trilinear
// Set mipmap filter to nearest on shadow map sampler

// Credit: @chucksfeedandseed
// Disable LOD Reduction
// Shadow Resolution set to 1024
// Disable LOD Reduction 1.1.0/1.1.1/1.1.2
// Disable FSR Scaling 1.1.0/1.1.1/1.1.2
// DynamicFPS 1.5.2

// Credit: @Patchanon
// 1080p Resolution 1.1.0
// Disable FSR Scaling 1.0.0
// Disable LOD Reduction 1.0.0

// Credit: @Somerandompeople
// 30/60 FPS Static

// Credit: @bad1dea
// 720p resolution 1.1.0/1.1.1/1.1.2

// Credit: @sweetmini
// Sky Island Fix 1.1.1/1.1.2 ports
// LOD Improvement 1.1.1/1.1.2 ports
// Lens Flare Removal 1.1.1/1.1.2 ports

// Credit: @MaxLastBreath
// Sky Island Fix 1.0.0 ports
// Lens Flare Removal 1.0.0 ports
// 1080p resolution 1.0.0 ports
// 720p resolution 1.0.0 ports

// Credit: @OldManKain & @theboy181
// 1080p Resolution 1.1.1/1.1.2
// Disable FXAA

// Credit: @theboy181
// Sky Island Fix
// LOD Improvement
// Lens Flare Removal
// DOF Removal

// Credit: @marethyu
// Blackscreen-fix

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